3 Responses to Can You Spell ‘Plutocracy’?

  1. Jim Stevenson says:

    Unfortunately the past 45 minutes I spent writing a comment was just lost. I neglected to fill in the info in the required name and email, so rather than being redirected with the text still intact, I find everything lost. It is too late, nearly 1:00 am, and I cannot take time to reconstruct my lengthy comments. Is there a way to keep comments from disappearing when there is an oversight of this kind that needs to be addressed?

  2. On a first comment, no…the name and email are required. Since I’ve ‘accepted’ this comment, you have been accepted as a commenter…subsequent comments will be published directly.

    Concerning your loss of content…and significant time, my recommendation is to create content in a Word or text document offline…saving to your computer…cut & paste into the blog window. I started doing this after a similar loss…now I have a backup of all content on my own hard drive…just in case. Sorry for your loss.

  3. Clay Berling says:

    Plutocracy is not a new concept in politics. In fact it may be one of the oldest, the root of the decline and fall of virtually every empire thruout
    history. Money or its equivalent always has the power to “cloud men’s minds” as the radio Shadow used to say. Money can control the media
    which reaches into the corners of our minds and controls all of us to some extent. A good summary of this is the DVD “The End of Poverty? Think again.” Produced in conjunction with the Schalkenbach Fdn., about two years ago, it has been awarded any number of prizes as an official selection of more than 25 International Film Festivals. Check it out at
    http://www.TheEndofPoverty.com . A host of economists and political scientists
    (talking heads) can illustrate it for the viewer.

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