3 Responses to The Reconstruction of Our Communities

  1. Clay Berling says:

    Of all the crises today, for California it has to be the difference between
    income and the necessary outgo. Year after year we find ourselces in deep and deeper trouble with no apparent solution. Progressives see all the needs and conservatives rail on about waste and out-of-control spending. With the 2/3 requirement for passage on budgets, etc. we find ourselves at an impasse. Other states and nations have similar disparities more or less.

    I know I must sound like an echo, but most people do not undetstand the difference between revenues and revenue sources, or the impact of various taxes. The answer lies at our feet in the form of land or location value taxation which collects taxes while ameliorating the problems which are crying out for those taxes. The problem here is that it does not lend itself to sound bytes, but requires intelligent discussion—far more than can be described here in a couple of hundred words.

  2. Jim Ley says:

    Good sentiments, BUT can CE overcome the politics of their own existince and the hide bound University system that is risk averse and more focused on maintaining relations with its funding community? Will CE be able to overcome these limitations and the comfort that often resides therein and be able to participate in the “dangerously safe” conversations required to reconstruct communities.

    The entitlement that we have built into our “equity” system is akin to a granite wall with some cracks, but still very firm. After 35 years of community planning and management work, our society is lawyered up in reality or perception, and willing to fight to keep what it defines as necessary, to avoid personal responsibility and with little sense of or desire to understand economics. A culture has been created that will be fiercely protected.

  3. Thanks for those remarks, Jim. Change doesn’t happen without perceived need. CE academics and administrators…and land grant colleges and universities where they are connected…must hear from county administrators, state legislators, grantmakers in community innovation, local business leaders, non-profit coalitions, etc. that CE is expected to respond with their unique skills and capacity in providing these conversations. When the risk of extinction is greater than the risk to perform, the granite wall will be carved into locally-customized sculpture.

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