2 Responses to The Era of Oil

  1. Clay Berling says:

    First, let’s separate the discussion of the fuel needs from the Gulf screwup. BP is just the latest example of what has been going on for decades and even more so durimg the recent eight years of control of our government by corporate interests whose profit in the short term is of paramount importance to them. This was a situation just waiting to happen as documented all over the place. It’s just the worst example and happens to be in OUR backyard. The evidence is clear and more is coming out every day.
    The reduction of carbon based fuels will happen if we tax them adequately as most countries do and use those taxes to fund the new alternatives with research and slow replacement of the depleting oil sources.

  2. Bob Panzer says:

    The plethora of responses to this essay is overwhelming! I am compelled to add a comment, even if it’s worth little more than the cyberspace it consumes.

    George Kennan’s 1950 book “American Diplomacy” describes the USA as a “sleeping giant” which was abruptly aroused with all its fury after Pearl Harbor. I had hopes that 9/11 would be a similar wake-up call, this time for a more introspective assessment of our abuse of power. Alas, the agenda was to react with more power instead of empathy.

    Likewise, the Gulf Oil Disaster is being handled with Madison Avenue gloves, spoon-feeding the media and massaging the masses to keep the oil flowing. True, there are some concerns raised; but the corporate madness for profits continues, abetted by our leaders. As long as taxation is anathema, the only change we’ll see is a widening gap between the very wealthy and the shrinking middle class. But ok, let’s talk about the future anyway.

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