2 Responses to ‘Lost’ and Found

  1. Clay Berling says:

    To me the most interesting part of the LOST experience is how we have adapted to the non-linear story line. While is was exasperating at times trying to figure out what was going on, it kept us coming back for more. It’s something you can’t describe to a non-fan. It has to be seen to be felt. We could argue for months about the ending.

    On another non-linear story line, I have a major problem with celebrations of bravery and sacrifice regarding our service personnel. The celebration of war and its results is difficult to resolve, particularly when we create the killing opportunities that shouldn’t have been.

  2. This is Memorial Day morning, and I feel the need to share a few thoughts…in response to the note above where today’s observance was characterized as a ‘celebration of war.’ I respectfully disagree.

    While some people view war as always wrong and others view it as always right, ultimately it is the responsibility of every citizen to actively participate in our public decisions to steer our government’s actions toward policies we can all live with…morally and ethically. Our inattention or errors or pride or negligence or arrogance in these public judgments should never reflect on those who step forward to serve in the military. Their courage in keeping their colleagues alive while serving our country’s stated mission is always inspiring. Our heartfelt gratitude to those who die in the process is always fitting.

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