One Response to Education in Crisis

  1. Clay Berling says:

    Believe it or not, but during the Reagan administration, his Lt. Gov. Flournoy had a Flournoy Commission on the funding of education in the state. I once had a copy of this report, but it was deleted from the record (as far as I can determine) probably because it didn’t suit the Reagan paradigm. The recommendation was to fund with a STATEWIDE
    tax on LANDS VALUES only, with the funding to be distributed to every district on a per pupil basis, thus evening out the tax capacity behind all students. It would mean that every child would have the same funding regardless of the values of his/her home district. Actually the same mechanism could fund ALL state needs. One can argue that this is not a tax, but a rental value owed to the community because of the private right to the use of such locations. After all, who does own the earth?

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