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  1. Clay Berling says:

    Please note that there is a chasm between your two essays, although both are essentially correct. In the first you correctly point out that we live in a global economy, and in the second you also correctly point out that “local” is the most meaningful, even touting Schumachers “Small is Beautiful.” When we ship production overseas, we help their economy, and shortchange ours. So we have to help other economies to rise up to ours or we are at odds with each other. Isn’t this the essence of our problem today? How to do that?? Without more time and space I can’t really explain well, but I can assure you that without an understanding of current taxation procedures, we are doomed to fail in accomplishing this.
    In short, we need to shift taxation from productivity to privilege in location values and resources. We’ve tried all the other others, income, sales, etc. and still can’t seem to find an answer. There is a reason!

  2. The ‘chasm’ is noted…but I guess what I’m really looking for is some kind of balance. There is a diverse range of options when it comes to the scope of production. Growing your own food is at one extreme…and purchasing all food items from foreign producers is at the other extreme. That’s just one example. In our popular ‘either-or’ thinking model, we have to choose an extreme and consistently advocate just that. In a more reasonable ‘both-and’ model, we can choose to nurture global markets for some things; national markets for other things; state and regional markets for yet another list of items; and local markets and goals to meet quite a few needs. My preference is to choose intentionally how to balance our production and distribution needs…and to seek local solutions first.

    Thanks for your comments, Clay!

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