One Response to Questioning Federal Ownership

  1. Clay Berling says:

    A basic problem with our understanding of taxes (which are supposed to fund our community needs) is that we base our system on taxing (or “penalizing”) people for being productive. Think income, investment, etc. A better approach would be to tax on the basis of privilege or what the community gives to you. Think location, resource development, licensing, etc. One then gives back to the community for what the community needs based on what the community has allowed to one to the exclusion of others. Does it sound complex? Actually, if you think of your property tax on location (not the improvements) that is in effect what the community is collecting – a rental fee for the exclusive use of the occupant/user – the privilege. This concept can be expanded to incorporate all communal needs at all levels, based on a logical idea which does not penalize productivity. Think Henry George!

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