2 Responses to Deliberative Hospitality

  1. Ron Lubensky says:

    Terrific piece! I’ve written about ‘deliberative confidence’ which is exactly what your ‘deliberative hospitality’ attempts to generate in participants and the public.

  2. anita fonte says:

    we, at Imagine Greater Tucson, practice deliberative hospitality with all of the above elements and we add a “reciprocity gift”, given at the end of our community conversations to participants. It’s a way of recogizing and appreciating the time and effort they have given to us by joining a public conversation. In our case, it’s a wrist bracelet with the IGT website on it, but it amazes me how that simple act of giving often a) surprises the participants and b) elicits a smile, or laugh and they leave the room with another reason to stay engaged with us and with each other.

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