One Response to The ‘Right-size’ of Government

  1. Whit Whitman says:

    Although I am not a Tea Party member, I agree with them that government is too big. When I flew at American Airlines we had standardization so that a Captain from SFO and a New York copilot could safely operate the aircraft and it worked. Yet here we have NCLB legislation that lets each state decide what the level for proficient or advanced will be. The standards should be uniform across the country, but left to the individual districts as to how they want to get there.
    Why is our tax code so complicated? The country could save billions if it did away with the breaks for certain industries and individuals and just ran a flat tax or a value added or any other way you want to do it.
    Way can’t insurance companies sell health insurance across state lines? Do we really need Obamacare or just some rational thinking? It is surely a big lie that this program will cut the deficit, except that it will ration care, impose new taxes (3.8%) on unearned income etc.
    And why can’t we nationally do something about illegal immigrants? For all the money we have spent and are spending on the border, we could be closer to a balanced budget. What’s wrong with “e-verify?” It surely would have helped Meg Whitman.
    Enough of a rant, Happy Valentines Day!


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