5 Responses to Our Context Is Plutocracy

  1. Rick Wood says:

    Robert Reich is one of the best writers on the growing plutocracy and what to do about it. And there are concrete things to do–to demand from government–to enhance and sustain a middle class. National health care is a big one. So are consumer financial protection, a healthy estate tax, and much more progressive income tax. We all need to keep our eyes on the ball and not be distracted by the psuedo-issues the plutocrats and their “best-marketing-money-can-buy” political advisors foist on us. That means read–stay away from mass commercial media–for information.

  2. Patty Dineen says:

    Yes, I share these concerns. In fact, it may be even worse than we think. As Rick says, Robert Reich has a lot to say about this trend and the damage it is causing, and why there is no future in it for anyone– including for the wealthy who are promoting it and have come to believe they deserve it.
    The movie “Inside Job” is another great look at some of these problems; and in particular, at how little has been done, even after the tremendous concerns that the financial crisis apparently engendered among our political leaders.
    I totally agree with you Craig that the public HAS to talk about this problem. Trying to accomplish anything else in the realm of public policy may be futile until, or unless, we first deal with this trend that is becoming (maybe already has become?) so entrenched and self-perpetuating that we will not be able to halt or reverse it, short of a truly major financial and social implosion.

  3. Rick Wood says:

    Tremendous, Patty. I don’t feel so alone now;-). And thanks, Craig, for letting me correct the typos in my first reply.

    Reich’s Sunday column in the Chronicle really struck home to me, speaking as it did to what it means to be a nation. It’s a concern I’ve had for a time, and he really gave it a voice. There should be some sort of “call to patriotism” to refocus on building up the middle class. Where is our president!?!

  4. Clay Berling says:

    So much of what we do to offset the increasing riches of the plutocratic class is to focus on the “earned” wealth and attempt to tax it away. Sort of a Robin Hood effect. The resultant backlash from them is that they did indeed “earn” it and we are penalizing them for doing positive things in our economy, like “creating jobs”, etc. Of course they ignore the fact that their wealth is often obtained by governmental protections from patents and copyrights ad infinitum, armed forces to protect the resources they are extracting from enslaved third world economie , even direct subsidies of their efforts, to mention just a few. All of these advances in our technologies are often the result of research and development paid for by taxpayers in our educational insitutions and from the labor and investment of generations before them. From my point of view, this is the only valid basis for an income tax on their accrued wealth, but I’d rather see our society benefit from their activities before they declare it on their income sheets.
    The values they have in their lands and other natural resources are fundamentally from the investment of the entire community which provides access and protection.
    A portion of those values should be returned to the community for its needs. This is the valid reason for a property tax on land and other natural resources, including the electromagnetic spectrum (think TV, radio, internet, etc.), but not improvments!

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