One Response to Discussing the Federal Budget and Debt Ceiling

  1. Clay Berling says:

    It may seem counterintuitive, but as long as we rely on the income tax as our primary mechanism for funding our communal needs (nationally as well as regionally and locally) we will fight this battle. I am a progressive and believe in our social contract and fairness and justice, and that we must fund that contract. So I’m not a “liberty lobby” kind of person. But obtaining these funds from the productive capacity of people and companies gives rise to this “pushback”. Likewise taxing sales (also a production tax) does exactly what the conservatives say, that it diminishes production and jobs, etc. It is the basis for our taxing entities which lies at the root of the problem and ceates barriers between the left and right. The true basis for taxes should be the privileges and benefits we receive from our communal productivity. Location values (the property tax on space, resources and special privileges ties the funding to the benefits received rather than the work exerted. Sounds cryptic, I know, but ut is hard to explain in a few words. It’s really much simpler than it sounds. The property tax we have on land (location!) is one such example because that value is created from what the community does, not what the individual does. It is a benefit to the user
    and should pay into the community fund for that privilege. This can work at every level from local to national, even worldwide is theoretically valid. The extractive resources (think oil, iron, gold, water) belong to all of us, but we give away these values to certain privileged groups and then pay to get them back! Our system works backwards. Would a transition be easy. Of course not, but unless we begin to understand and evolve in this direction we will simply continue down the same garden path and through the same vicious cycles. We continue down the same path that our forefathers have trod for several thousand years. As has been said, “if you coninue to do the same things over and over again, and expect a different result, this is the definition of insanity!”

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