One Response to A Global Response

  1. Clay Berling says:

    “The crisis of the Commons” hits upon the problem AND the solution. It requires a paradigm shift in our understanding of the word “commons.” The human race has forgotten this vital aspect of our survival. The shift can best be summed up in “who owns the world?” Start with that and the answers to where the problem begins also begins the solution. Although they weren’t the first, the Romans undoubtedly affected
    our understanding the most when they proclaimed “dominium”, or we claim it as ours because have the force to keep it from you. From that came domain and dominate. The result is that might became right and the resources and space of the planet was carved up. All “titles” are the result of force or theft. Since we can’t undo that damage, the answer lies in how we can live with it, with compensation from those who have to those who do not. Thus the origin of taxation based upon the values that one
    has from the stock of the world’s resource or Land Value Taxation. An understanding of this practice can show how we can live together with fair compensation to all. Not the”Robin Hood Effect” which we use now.

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