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  1. Lucas Cioffi says:

    RE: “The values and themes that emerge from these local conversations need also to be networked effectively through online media– some of which hasn’t even been imagined yet.”

    I agree. Local conversations create customized solutions; networking them together will allow those solutions to be shared so that other communities can build on and improve each other’s ideas rather than starting from scratch to create their own solution.

    Congratulations on 30+ years of ministry!

  2. Bob Panzer says:

    Craig and Carole: Your devotion to people in our community has been foremost in your lives, and I admire your ability to maintain positive values of love and caring in the face of the many real-life challenges you have encountered. While you both deserve the new perks of retirement, I know you will continue to promote and support community networking. Our paths may likely meet again as we follow our passion!

  3. Larry Fullington says:

    Craig and Carole, congratulations to you both on retirement! I realize that just means you two will go to the next phase of service and help to others with your unique talents. However, I am glad you will now have more flexibility to pursue your passion for worthwhile issues! Your words are expressed so well in “Turning The Page”, thanks for sharing your thoughts! God Bless! Larry

  4. Rick Wood says:

    Using social media for public deliberation? It’s a Brave New World! A lot to figure out to make it work, but I too think there is something there. Getting people to use it, whatever it is, is one challenge. I just stumbled upon this quote, from a letter Washington wrote to Lafayette in 1785: “Democratical states must always feel before they can see. It is this that makes their government slow. But the people will be right at last.” Timeless. We have a clue how to “see,” because we’re already engaged, but how do we get people who haven’t yet engaged to “feel?”

  5. Clay Berling says:

    Craig and Carole,
    We have never met, but I have known many wonderful ministers, mostly United Methodists, but also in many other faiths. I just lost my best firnd of 50 years, Claude Friesen, who retired some 13 years ago, but kept working in his local community in Sonoma. Earlier I lost Lee Williamson who worked the field until his parting about 2 years ago. At age 80, I’ve been a UM for about 66 years, and now work building an Interfaith Outreach of Carmel, stating a benefit shop for the funding of transition housing. So, friends, retirement is not an end, but a continuation. Continue the good work!

  6. Michael Steinback says:

    Well technically, you and Carole may be retiring, but it seems you will continue to do the work that our local and not so local communities vitally need.

    So carry on, turn the page. We will be right there on the next one to follow the tears with you.

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