3 Responses to Yes…It’ll Get Worse

  1. Barbara A Brown says:

    One of the concerns I have that while society is not motivated to accept responsibility and show leadrship to resolve problems they are actually forgetting how to, or while they are sleeping our communities are burning (incivility) to such an extent that when people are ready to step up to make positive changes they won’t recognize the public rhelm and have absolutely no idea how to function within. (Even we deliberation “experts” have greater problems listening to each other.) The extent of our public regression may be tremendous. While solutions are waiting on Americans to relearn civic actions circumstances get worse, even though we may get to a point of motivation. Are American forgetting how to be democratic citizens? Even if American want to accept leadership roles – civic roles, do Americans know how to anymore? Yes, things will get worse, but just how bad are things right now. How civically illerterate are we? Those who “should” know better seem to abdicate responsibilities and shun opportunities to share thier talents and skills. So, when we do step up, I fear we will have a lot of re-learning to do.

  2. Rick Wood says:

    I don’t want to accept that things must get worse before they get better. History is not a perfect guide. Just because we have bounced back in the past doesn’t mean we always will. There may be a “tipping point” where we spiral off into the unknown. So, Craig, while I agree your prescription is right on, I want to see that emerging leadership now, before it’s too late. But acknowleding Barbara’s concerns, has our population already become so callous that it has lost the ability to follow? Let’s keep working on it, and thanks for what you do.

  3. kent mallon says:

    Does this commentary tell us exactly the direction we are going to or does it open our eyes enough to prevent this from happening? When we look at our current or future political leaders ie: Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, etc., they are void of the vision we need for our country to survive. The visionarys are not our politicians. They are the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs (rest in peace), Bono, Craig Patterson, etc. Are these people electable in our current political climate? Probably not, but their ideas, insight and negotiating skills should put them at the head of every Presidential candidates table. We need real change, not hope and fluff.

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