New Partners in Southern California

2008 was a watershed year in turmoil and opportunity. Needless to say, we didn’t end 2008 with the same issues and challenges we thought would dominate our conversations. It seems abundantly clear that anyone who wants to make a difference in this rapidly changing world needs to have some tools for constructive public conversations. Our most urgent issues are emerging and morphing quickly as the State of California suffers with a crippling, governance gridlock and the new Obama administration applies crisis management in context of turmoil and uncertainty. There has never been a better time to learn some new skills for inclusive public conversations.

“Constructing Community Dialogues” is a new workshop to equip more people across the Southern California region with skills in convening and conducting public conversations on important community issues. The Fielding Graduate University is sponsoring this workshop under the direct leadership of Katrina Rogers, Director of the Institute for Social Innovation, an initiative of Fielding Graduate University. She will be joined by Craig Paterson who has worked for over 12 years in National Issues Forums (NIF) as a tool for deliberative decision-making in public policy. Rogers and Paterson will coordinate an interactive workshop curriculum with a team of educators and community organizers to learn new skills and to better understand how the public can be more effective in shaping the policies that affect our lives.

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