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Dr. Craig Paterson is the writer of this Deliberative IDEAS blog, focusing on our most troubling ethical dilemmas in public and political life…where reasonable people disagree…and where some respectful and reflective conversations might uncover new opportunities for actions everyone can live with. Craig is the primary researcher-writer-project manager for the California NIF Network, encouraging and supporting a ‘Deliberative Practice’ in real-world communities and in the virtual world of Second Life. National Issues Forums (NIF) have been gathering people in small group conversations for over 25 years, providing an opportunity for public problem solving across the United States and in many countries around the world.

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  1. Raymond Visconti says:

    In my mind, it’s time for the larger corporations to pick up the lion’s share of the debt. If this keeps up there will be no middle class and that is what made this county great. Politician’s pet projects, spending on helping other countries has to stop. It is truly sad and frightining how many people do not have health insurance. The pharmaceutical companies who make billions should have to subsidize health insurance but because nobody in the Fed is willing to fight their high price attorneys we just turn a blind eye. How sad. I have worked in the public sector for 25 years in a high administrative position. I know where the waste is. Salaries and benefits that are outlandish. Unions that are demanding more and more. Pensions that are paying for benefits that are almost more than a active worker earns has to end. Are we all lacking intelligence to see this? Sorry, but I don’t think the lower socio-enconomic community shoud have to suffer any more. Raise the social security cap, it’s not rocket science just common sense. The Feds should control health care costs and medicine. I am so dissapointed in our electeds. They really don’t give a damn so long as their comfortable.

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